‘In the outsourcing business, the education plays very important role in the whole process. Macedonia is a country with high-level educational system. Almost on every ranking, the education in Macedonia is in the top 30 in the world, lot higher than of countries like Indonesia, India, etc. where outsourcing is one of the biggest business branches. With that kind of education, it is easy to expect quality from highly trained professionals in the field of studies. The most high rated professions in Macedonia are in the IT sector, architecture, electronics, mechanics, communications and journalism. Literacy rate is over 97%.

Macedonian average salary is lower than 85% of Europe, and around 65% of the world. So if you are in one of those many countries where salaries are a lot higher than in Macedonia, outsourcing to Macedonia it’s definitely something you and your company should do – your projects will cost a lot less than to hire people from your country to work for you.  

Language skills – from elementary school to college, Macedonians learn English as their second language, plus French, German, Spanish or Albanian as their third. So the proficiency of the English language – talking and writing, is on a admirable level.  

Macedonians are very friendly people. It is very easy to work with them. It is very easy to integrate them in your team, or work with them as individuals. 

Macedonia can offer talented, well educated professionals that can provide quality for a lower price. The language barrier doesn’t exist, expect fluent English speakers that can be part of your team, of your project. And what’s more important than having friendly and positive people on your team ? Hire Macedonians – boost up your business for a lower price with greater quality !